Save Money with Energy-Efficient Insulation in 2022

Much has been said about insulation and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, the resources on the web are too thin. They don’t provide enough answers to how insulation works and how much it can save you from outrageous energy bills. That gap is what we, McKinney Insulation Co, Inc., will fill in this article. We have a team of experienced and licensed Greensboro insulation contractors and we have been in the insulation business for over four decades.

So, rest assured that what we’ll share in this piece is top-notch information. That said, let’s delve into the details!

How Does Insulation Work? Does It Truly Lower Your Energy Consumption?

If done right, insulation reduces energy consumption by lowering heat transfer in and out of your building. It does that by trapping heat movement within tiny pockets of air. Subsequently, the rate at which you lose energy will be lowered year-round.

However, for your home or office insulation to be highly effective, the R-value should be as close to 7 as possible. And, one of the deciding factors for such efficiency is the material used and the contractor engaged.

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Now, let’s answer the second question: does insulation truly lower your energy consumption?

To answer that question, we’ll cite an authority like Energy Star. According to their estimates, insulation can save your energy consumption (for heating and cooling) by 20% in a place like North Carolina, even more than the national average of 15%. 

But what do the percentages translate to in savings? How much can insulation “really” save you?

How Much Money Can Good Insulation Save You?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here because the rate at which we all use energy varies. Nevertheless, you can save up to $250 per year with insulation according to the national average. Now, you might argue that the savings are insignificant. Well, that’s just the baseline.

“Also, consider the fact that your HVAC unit will last longer with proper insulation as the unit does not need to work as hard to heat and cool the home,” said McKinney Insulation Chief Sales Office Austin McNeal. “Therefore, you will save big money long-term in HVAC replacement costs,” he added.

The best way to achieve the most savings is by consulting a licensed insulation contractor. That way, you will go about the entire process beginning with an energy efficiency audit and then a consultation on the next steps to take to properly insulate your home as well as the associated upfront costs. 

But if you have the budget, going for a total upgrade is worth the expense. And about that, you should also choose the right type of insulation. This next section can guide you.

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What Type Of Insulation Is Right For You?

Blanket Insulation

This type of insulation uses mineral fibers such as fiberglass and Rockwool. And since the materials are lightweight, they are easy to transport. Hence the reason why blanket insulation is the best answer for DIY projects.

However, note that if you cramp the materials into the open spaces, you can compress them and lose up to 50% effectiveness. In other words, it is best to engage a professional to help you.

Loose-fill Insulation

Like blanket insulation, this type uses fiber materials too. But it is of two variations: loose-fill fiberglass and Loose-fill cellulose insulation. Of the two types, the latter has the better R-value. Hence, it is more effective.

Overall, it doesn’t matter which type of insulation you use. If you don’t carry out an efficient energy audit, you won’t significantly reduce your energy bill. So, what can you do?

Hire A Greensboro Insulation Contractor

If you’re ready to save money on your energy bills by properly insulating your home in the Greensboro, NC area, contact McKinney Insulation today at (336) 349-6468 or email Rick McKinney at

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