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Welcome to McKinney Insulation Co, Inc. We are a family-owned insulation contractor serving Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas of NC and VA since 1981. We help people save money on their energy bills by providing quality, professional, and affordable insulation installation services.


Insulation Contractor in Winston-Salem, NC

McKinney Insulation, Inc. has an expert team of insulation installers in Winston-Salem with experience in insulating both new and existing homes and businesses. With over 35 years in the Winston-Salem, NC insulation business, our professional technicians offer quick and efficient insulation services for residential clients. We are fully licensed and bonded for your protection as well as ours.

Save Money with Energy Efficient Insulation for Winston-Salem Residents

Heating and cooling account for up to 70% of the energy used in the average Winston-Salem home. If you want to substantially reduce energy bills, you can employ high-tech and energy efficient insulation to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling. If you have an older home, you probably know that you need to better insulate your home. Likewise, since most new homes are not built with energy efficiency in mind, even homeowners of newly built homes can benefit from lower energy costs with energy efficient insulation.


Duke Energy Trusted Service Provider

We are proud to be recognized by Duke Energy as a trusted insulation contractor in their “Find It Duke” home services referral program. All contractors in the program are fully insured, background checked, customer-reviewed, and routinely inspected for quality assurance by Duke Energy.

Hire a Trusted Winston-Salem, NC Insulation Professional

Some homeowners make the mistake of hiring a general contractor for their insulation needs. It is best to hire a professional insulation contractor like McKinney Insulation. With over 35 years of commercial and residential insulation experience in the Winston-Salem area, we know what kind of insulation your home needs, and we make sure to add the right amount of insulation to give you the most protection from high-energy costs and the elements.

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Our Winston-Salem Insulation Services Include:

  • Eco-Friendly and Pet-Friendly Insulation Products
  • Attic Insulation
  • Blown Insulation in Walls
  • Pipe Wrap Insulation
  • Basements and Crawlspaces
  • Drill and Fill Pre-existing Walls

McKinney Insulation Commitment to Health and Safety

Insulation contractors who lack the qualifications to handle toxic insulation materials, such as asbestos, can cause homeowners and other occupants of the property to get sick. At McKinney Insulation, our extensive experience and safety procedures ensure your job is handled with the highest safety and quality standards.
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Licensed, Bonded, & Insured in Winston-Salem, NC

At McKinney Insulation, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide insulation installation and maintenance services in NC and VA.

Proud to Serve Winston-Salem, NC Insulation Customers Since 1981

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Best Insulation Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We strive to ensure each and every customer has a positive experience with our company. That is why the majority of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. Simply put, our goal is to be the best insulation company in the Winston-Salem area and in all of North Carolina.

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Call (336) 349-6468 or fill out the email contact form and we will be happy to discuss your insulation project. Thank you for contacting McKinney Insulation, Inc.